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Thoroughbred Stallions

The Jockey Club

Naming rules (directly quoted from the Jockey Club):
The following classes of names are not eligible for use:
1. Names consisting of more than 18 letters (spaces and punctuation marks count as letters);
2. Names consisting entirely of initials such as C.O.D., F.O.B., etc.;
3. Names ending in "filly," "colt," "stud," "mare," "stallion," or any similar horse-related term;
4. Names consisting entirely of numbers. Numbers above thirty may be used if they are spelled out;
5. Names ending with a numerical designation such as "2nd" or "3rd," whether or not such a designation is spelled out;
6. Names of living persons unless written permission to use their name is on file with The Jockey Club;
7. Names of persons no longer living unless approval is granted by The Jockey Club based upon a satisfactory written explanation submitted to the Registrar;
8. Names of racetracks or graded stakes races;
9. Names clearly having commercial, artistic or creative significance;
10. Names that are suggestive or have a vulgar or obscene meaning; names considered in poor taste; or names that may be offensive to religious, political or ethnic groups;
11. Names that appear to be designed to harass, humiliate or disparage a specific individual, group of individuals or entity;
12. Names that are currently active either in racing or breeding;
13. Names of winners in the past 25 years of grade one stakes races;
14. Permanent names. The list of criteria to establish a permanent name is as follows:
a. Horses in racing's Hall of Fame;
b. Horses that have been voted Horse of the Year;
c. Horses that have won an Eclipse Award;
d. Horses that have won a Sovereign Award (Canadian Champions);
e. Annual leading sire and broodmare sire by progeny earnings;
f. Cumulative money winners of $2 million or more;
g. Horses that have won the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont Stakes, The Jockey Club Gold Cup, the Breeders' Cup Classic or the Breeders' Cup Turf;
h. Horses included in the International List of Protected Names.
15. Names similar in spelling or pronunciation to the classes of names listed above.

An (r) denotes a real horse used in the pedigree.

I will definitely allow any outcross that results in a foal eligable to be registered as an Appaloosa, Paint, Quarter Horse, Appaloosa Sporthorse, or registered with any other well-known registry.
I will probably allow other reasonable outcrosses from most of my horses, just ask before sending the breeding request, thanks!

Empire State

New York Minute X Proud Empress
bred and previously raced by Coldspring Farm
2005 chestnut
Sire: (35)14-15-5 $1,924,500; Champion 2yo colt (Australia)

FFC: 2010
Awards: Photo show placed
Model information: Breyer "Cigar" mold; #1192 Affirmed; produced 2003-2004.

Majestic Dance

Majestic Reason X Autumn Moon
bred and previously raced by Coldspring Farm
2005 bay
Sire's race record (Model Racing Form): (16)2-4-4-2 $226,086.

FFC: 2010
Awards: Live show placed; and has achieved Champion status with IMEHA
Model information: Breyer "Cigar" mold; Seabiscuit; special run sold through QVC in 2001.

Classic Silver

Silver Truth X Lake Classic
bred and previously raced by Coldspring Farm
2003 gray
Sire's race record (Model Racing Form): (19)6-6-1-1 $936,012. Dam: 1 start at 2, placed.

FFC: 2010
Awards: Raced with the Model Racing Form by Coldspring Farm; (10)2-3-0-3 $85,450. Photo show placed in halter with Red Wolf Ranch.
Model information: Breyer "Phar Lap" mold; #710295 Race Horses of America set; special run for the 1995 JCPenney holiday catalog.

Rock My World

Hard Rock Cafe X Charmin Niner
bred by Me-Dow Stables
2002 dark bay

Lines to Rock Point, Private Account.

FFC: 2005
Awards: Photo show placed; has achieved Superior Champion status with IMEHA
Model information: Breyer Classic scale "Man O War" mold; #750333 Seabiscuit and War Admiral" Set, special run sold through Wal-Mart stores in 2003.

Lexington's Honor

Lexington's Line X My Flower
bred by Coldspring Farm
2002 bay

FFC: 2005
2005: Duty And Honor (Red Wolf Ranch)
Awards: Photo show placed, has achieved Superior Champion status with IMEHA
Model information: Stone Chips scale Thoroughbred mold; regular run.

Eyes On The Prize

Love Wars X Betty Davis Eyes
bred by Powers Farms
2001 chestnut
Model-bred close up, but all lines trace to real horses.

FFC: 2004
Model information: OF Breyer Phar Lap mold; "Eros" 1999 USET Festival of Champions, special run, 1500 made.

Cry Wolf

Supersonic X Clearly Committed
bred by Wolf Hollow Farm
1998 bay

Lines to Northern Dancer, Seattle Slew, Cyptoclearance, Buckpasser.

FFC: 2001
2003: Intuition (Southern Storm Ranch)
2006: Scallywag (Southern Storm Ranch)
2007: Fer Sure Maybe (Black Wolf Stables)
Awards: Photo and live show placed
Model information: Breyer "Cigar" mold; #476 "Cigar," Famous Race Horse, produced 1998-2005.

Classified Art

Thats Classified X Artistic Flair
bred by Painted Pony Ranch
1995 chestnut

Lines to Afleet, Lyphard, Tizna, Riva Ridge.

FFC: 1999
1999: Sea of Secrets (ranch Koňská skála)
1999: Artful Captain (Jameson Stables)
2001: SSR Allegro Con Brio (SSR)
Awards: Photo show placed
Model information: Breyer Mini Whinney mold; Mini Whinney Stallions set, produced 2005-current.