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Missouri Fox Trotters

Missouri Fox Trotting Association


Jack's Golden Son

Jack's Sensation H(r) X Sunrise Golden Belle
bred by Caballos Del Mar
2001 palomino minimal sabino
Lines to Jack's Sensation H, Mr Koscot[TWH], President's Mr. Jack, Mr. President, Southern Sunrise, Southern Jazz, Missouri Traveler E, Zane Grey.

FFC: 2004
Awards: Photo show placed.
Model information: Breyer "Iron Metal Chief" mold; "Fanfare" special run sold through Breyer's magazine, Just About Horses, celebrating Breyer's 50th anniversary in 2000. There were 750 models made in each of Breyer's four original "Decorator" colors; this is Gold Charm.

Iron Will Last

Zane's Iron Will X Willa Mae Koscot
bred by Dragon Star Farm
1997 black
Lines to Cap's Iron Duke, Zane Grey, Mr. Koscot[TWH], Merry Boy[TWH].

FFC: 2000
Awards: Has achieved Superior Champion status with IMEHA.
Model information: Breyer "Iron Metal Chief" mold; #971 Iron Metal Chief" Missouri Fox Trotter, 1997 Limited Edition.


Wintertime Jazz X Grey Lady Lenore
bred by Dragon Star Farm
1995 gray (black)
Lines to Southern Jazz, Merry Boy Sensation, Missouri Traveler E., Zane Grey.

FFC: 1998
Awards: Has achieved Champion status with IMEHA
Model information: Breyer "Iron Metal Chief" mold; #750198 "Snowflake", 1998 Christmas Horse special run, produced second half of 1998 only.

Merry's Unmasqued

Merry Rhapsody X Lady Sings The Blues
bred by VnV Stables
1990 black tobiano & sabino
Lines to .

FFC: 1993
Awards: Live show placed, NAN qualification in collectibility.
Model information: Breyer "Iron Metal Chief" mold; "Masquerade", Connoisseur series 2001; sold through Breyer's magazine Just About Horses, 350 made.