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"What is this hobby all about?"

New to the hobby? Stumbled across this page while looking for real horse stuff? Totally confused? Think I'm insane? You're not alone! I hope to eventually put up a page that helps to clarify just what this hobby is all about. No, it's not just people playing with plastic ponies (try saying THAT ten times fast!). In the mean time, check out some of these links (they open in new windows).

Model Horse Manufacturers

Breyer Animal Creations(requires Flash to view)
Peter Stone Horses
Hartland Horses
Hagen-Renaker models

Model Horse Identification

Breyer identification: The Ponylagoon
Stone Horses identification: Stone Horse Reference Site
Hagen-Renaker (and other figurines)identification: Animal Figurines Gallery Index
Many different manufacturers: The Model Horse Gallery
Artist resin gallery (Beautiful pictures here!): Equine Resin Directory

Hobby Resources

A Note About Scales

More Coming Soon