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Breeding Rules

Send breeding requests to: with "breeding request" or something similar in the heading.

1. All breedings are free; I'll send a pedigree and breeding certificate in Word format (back at least 4 generations)

2. Foals must be 3 years younger than the sire and 4 years younger than the dam. Mares will have open years listed, any year not marked as "open" is unavailable. Mares can only have 1 foal per year, with the exception of twins, though only rarely. If you MUST have twins, I will only allow them on a very limited basis.

3. Please send the following information for the foal
Year born:
Color: (base color and pattern(s) for appy/pinto)
Owner name/stable name:

If you are only using one of my horses, please send the same information and a pedigree (3-generations if possible) of the other parent.
If you would like to send along a photo of the foal (taken by you, or one you have permission to use) I will put it on my foals page, and on your breeding certificate. I would also like to use the photo for breeding stock classes.

4. My horses are "aging" but I will accept aging or non-aging foals. Non-aging foals must still be assigned a year of birth for my records. Some of my models are shown "caught in time" at a particular age (such as 6 months old) and will show as that age their entire lives, but will have open breeding years. Other horses which appear on this list as stallions may be shown as geldings and are considered to have been gelded "recently," with breeding years available.

5. Please follow color genetics as closely as possible. I will accept decorator and non-realistic colors, as long as you assign a somewhat believable real color that is genetically possible from the parents you want. I.e. Breyer's "Gold Charm" color can be passed off for palomino, or you might convince me that "wedgewood" is a gray. I may not allow these decos out of some of my younger mares or those with exceptional show histories, but you never know so email me to ask. An exception for these mares would be if your deco has a great show history in collectibility or something similar. Most of my older mares will be available for these kinds of foals, and you'll see some deco type horses on my listing as well. I try to assign them a somewhat believable color.
Some of my horses are listed as "homozygous" black, gray, etc. A homozygous black does NOT carry red, and so can't have a chestnut-based foal, a homozygous gray will always pass gray to its foals. A homozygous tobiano will always pass tobiano. Any black NOT listed homozygous can pass on red, and gray, tobiano etc. not listed homozygous can have non-gray or solid-colored offspring. Also, all my appaloosa-patterned horses can have solid or non-typical foals, with a couple exceptions. If a horse is listed as "few-spot" or "snowcap" they will always have patterned offspring.

6. Please follow breed naming rules. Some of my models may not have "correct" names because they have previous show records under that name. All horses but those will now follow naming rules so I ask that you do, too. An exception would be if you have a horse with a show record, NAN cards, or similar and you'd like to keep the old name. I can be pretty flexible with this.

7. I will allow horses of almost any make/mold to be bred from my horses including Hartland, Schleich, Safari, etc. However, horses that are very much "toy type" such as Grand Champions or Barbi horses, I will not allow to be bred out of most of my younger and/or more exceptional stock. Some of my older horses may be available for such foals, but I strongly discourage them.
I will allow BSO breedings from my stallions and some older mares only, and only on a limited basis.

8. All references to real horses on this site are purely for entertainment and educational purposes! No real horses were harmed in the making of this website.

9. Please do not use any of my horses as parents for yours without my permission.

10. Real horses in a pedigree will be marked with (r).

11. All horses will have 20 years available for breeding; it's just easier to remember. Older horses that have last foal crops (LFC) or last open years listed are considered to be retired, but never "die." These are often foundation stock for my own breeding program, so you'll see a lot of their offspring on my pages as well. This is a way to get some nice older bloodlines close up in my own stock, so I have left them on the pages for reference. If they have open breeding years available, you can still request foals from them.