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Arabian Stallions

Arabian Horse Association

Naming rules:21 character limit; no more than 4 separate parts; the only valid characters are letters A through Z, dash and space. Punctuation, apostrophes, and diacritical markings or symbols may not be used. No horse will be registered by a name which has exactly the same spelling as a name already registered, which has numerical prefixes or suffixes, or which has the suffix "Sr." or "Jr.".

My Arabians will be a long time coming as it is one of the breeds I know the least about, yet they make up a good chunk of my herd. I currently have one Egyptian Arabian available for stud. He is open to purebred Arabians and any commonly-seen part-Arabian crosses such as National Show Horse, Quarab, etc.

Egyptian bred


Ansata Sultaan X Zeyn Bint Maarou
bred by Double Hart Ranch
1998 gray (chestnut)

FFC: 2001
2002: WWS The Birdcage (unknown)
2005: Graceful Dare (unknown)
2007: Aafire Dare (unknown)
Awards: unshown
Model information: Breyer Proud Arabian Stallion mold; #213 Proud Arabian Stallion, produced 1972-1988.